everyone was there
Shawn has a shiny hat
Ian Reed was explaining the similarities between this spot and a spot
he'd been to before
Pat from Germany
Jim comes prepared
i pay for metrocards now
photo - Pedro Garboza
it's absurd
i sold pat my Ice Crystals
i'm still in debt
i stopped by the one-hour photo to pick up these prints
thanks for the employee discount, Pat
Anthony and Edwardo at the Triangle
one mass of people...
...to another
peter and crew showed up and we skated here for a sec until... well
you know
Pedro was in our pack. we stumbled upon Taji and his pack on our
we seshed here untill Kevin was over his trick and the mass of heads
from before showed up
Kevin's still wearing that telephone cord  belt
we waited for Jim while we got some eats at Wendys
"...and a secret piece on the bottom!"
the police came, gave us a scare, and we were gone
we ventured back to where we started