Artist - FARO
makin up a mess of fun
there's one thing to know about this town
say a word for jimmy brown
when you're down
if i know you i know what you'll do
words that have oh so clearly been said
every now and then
there's no substitute for company
i feel like someones listenin
everyones got a piece of the pie
we'll drink ourselves awake
mention a name we know
i could stand here for ten more days
grass stained and drunk
i said i couldn't hit it sideways
watch your brother bleeding
i know there's somebody
what weighs on weighs on
quietly into the night
there is always something to lose
such stormy weather
a hundred pounds
three for the family
halfway between these end-times
a pain in the neck
the color the sky will bring me
when i get up i've dreamt to long
i only want the time
grey eyes
is this the first time in your life
she's got somethin to hide
we could only run
had to smoke something
you must be using potions
no wondering why
cry and laugh about it
you held on to me like i was a crucifix
if i could just fix the clock
how could i feel so so
there's no tears in her eyes
what i've become
it's too late to stay up
unknown hands in the sky
don't forget where you came from
you can take your time
rush to blow open my mind
my mind's in a black hole
born on a desert floor
you can't teach an old dog
money moves
you labeled me in forty tries
live for the fortune
moving foward
drinking my time
invisible bullets
if you're wondering why
think of me as someone
she remembers my name
all we do is fine
you can get anything you want
you'd be damned to be one of us
ghostly arrows
pour the second for a real good time
no one would recognize us
if you had your way
we'd leave before they know
i'm never as tired as when i'm waking up
one worth saving
living for you is easy living