here are some photos i got developed at this one-hour photo recently
this is one of the photos i took of my friend Chris at this pool hall
it came out too dark but i liked it so i still posted it
Pat Murray - manual 5-0 to manual
i took this photo before i learned more about shutter speed
Pat Moffa
here's another portrait of Pat at the triangle
i'm really into taking portraits, i'm probably gonna take more when i get film
Joe - tailslide
i think the print of this photo looks better than this scan
Ryan - b/s bluntslide to regular
my scanner had dust on it and it shows up on this scan
Manhattan skyline from N7
another photo from N7
this is one of my favorites
Ryan - bs smith
it's a lil overexposed because i was testing out my new flash
all tuckered out
this is a photo from the first of three rolls
Tui, Stephano, Billy, and Ray
another angle of Ryan's blunt to regular
i like this angle better. i think this one came out better than the digital
Ryan - kickflip