after the skate sesh we ventured to Williamsburg to head to this party when we stumbled up on this
we're just randomly walking down the street and we hear this extra loud music coming
from this cheese bus with these people dancing inside
the Party Bus, as it is so appropriately named, is probably the most random thing
i've ever stumbled upon
another random that got lured in by the pulsating music and dancing women. this dude
kinda reminded me of Ingmare.
here we go
i love that sign
we didn't let that guy on. he probably died of depression later on that night
after the bus stopped and we arrived at our destination we went up to some random loft. i was kinda expecting
something more gnar than that bus, and i think i speak for everyone when i say "big letdown"
but it was no reason to be bummed. not like there wasn't more time for antics and games like "flip-off the sleeping dude"
fancy meeting you here
and you
you too
". . . so Peter punches this dude in the face like boom!"
after a bit, we floated to a rooftop setup where we continued to chill
Kim had this device that rolled up the cigarettes and we were super impressed by
this thing. it was like we'd seen fire for the first time
everything you need
is everything i need to be