i managed to get out the house on my day off
saw some familiar faces at the new TF
"my best pedophile impression"
photo shoot status
or something
after the KR3W was gathered we started our adventure
i didn't feel like bringing any of my equipment so my skate photos are more boring than usual
peter showed up, ready to destroy people with his mega spitballs
Pat Murray got a trick, then it was off to BK for some eats
Polska catching up on some reading
gerbil status
another Pedro
outside antics
another Japanese tourist
dirty jerz
Shawn harassing some innocent man trying to read the paper
Jim sucks at fliming! look at the way he's holding the camera, he's going about it all wrong!
i'm tall
it was a free for all, then they all just jumped this poor black man
i'll never tell you what to do