Peter invited me to a party in Kew Gardens

familiar faces

check Bryon's face

random dj #1

"beer pong"

undefeated "beer pong" champs

Alon was adopted

don't drink Sam Adams


random dj #2

my "beer pong" partners
it was a 2 on 3 and we still lost

the new "beer pong" champions
btw check the cool-aid smile. reminds me of a third grade school photo, minus the alcohol

not feeling so well-ish

up until now i hadn't checked any photos i took all night
when i checked and the picture that showed up was the first one i took that night i started to cry. i thought i lost all my photos.
what usually showes up is the last picture you took (one with the highest count) but the first picture i took that night was
the 9,999th picture so the counter reset and started from 1

we found this mini-keg (in someone elses house)

Peter's probably still holding that sandwich

share the wealth