she says, it helps with the lights out
it's cold out
walking a bridge with weakening cables
keep doing it, it's serving a purpose
after before, but much later
wasting time
we'll find them in time
my heels are high, my eyes cast low
leaving will just bring you down
back where i was before
aren't we all
your time  will come
it's about that time
it could be cool
before i left
blue skies ahead
one night stand
home after midnight
you didn't see me, did you
back to where you came from
i gotta leave
sooner than you think
i'll be gone soon
can't decide
times three
repeat that, you're breaking up
light it up
something like that
stop the world
watch closely
i'm inspired by the things that upset her
i had time to kill
sleep your way out of your hometown
oh how nice it must be
sleep tight
why are you sleeping in tomorrows world
i know they don't sound the way i plan them to be
people are strange
i can't win
how goes it
i was hoping for daylight
put on your sunday best
stuffed animals
looks nice, it's cold out
heard it all before
it must be killing time
i missed the part where i've become an entertainer
take back what you said little girl
they only want you when you're 17
you're there, i'm here
words can't kill me
man overboard
business in the back, party in the front
finding familiar faces in unfamiliar places
oh, how i loathe this place we're in
pretty girls make graves
four-way milkshake
the hunt
technical difficulties
die away from me
to and fro
baker . . . baked