after the beach sesh and work, i went to kick it with D. Scott and his lady friend
Sheila does ballet
Darnell's chick had a twin sister.
after many failed attempts to thrash this painting it became the worlds smallest dance floor
like a kiss upon the forehead
i woke up extra late so i didn't get a chance to check out the Rockaway Park competition. in case you didn't already know
Ryan O' Donell came in 1st and Peter came in 2nd. i think Erik came in 3rd, i could be wrong though
after everyone left, me and Pete just chilled on the beach. this was my first time at the beach all summer
later on we met up with Laura and Katherine
"they're not dolls, they're ACTION FIGURES!"
Olive, Bluto and Popeye
it was super crowded inside so everyone gradually moved out into the hallway.
originally there was a party on the roof but the cops came and shut it down as soon as i got there
someone said they were gonna light the painting on fire and all of a sudden there all these fire trucks outside. people
were throwing beer off the roof onto the firefighters