had a brief convo with this guy, it went something like this:
- "what is that? a bed of nails for a newborn?"
- "hey hey hey! this is art, i should know, i've been to the MOMA! see if
you turn it like this, you get a whole new piece of art!"
goin down
if memory serves
Peter called me up and asked if i wanted to accompany him on a mission
passed by this wreckage on the way
mad ghetto
we failed our mission immediately but decided to lurk around town for a bit
we kicked it with some Aussies on Aster
spare some "chang"?
we chilled at Union for a sec, then on the way to the bowl peter stopped to talk to some ladies
after the chat sesh with the ladies we ventured to this pole jam
after a quick stop at Mickey D's for some refueling we finally made it to the bowl, only to find that it had water in it
we should have seen that coming. i mean c'mon, pool . . . water . . . duh
our second mission for the night was to make sure we took almost exactly the same photos the whole night