cought Bradley and followed him to the TF
i was supposed to meet Stefano at 12th and A at 2 but it was 3 so i figured he would be here

he wasn't

when i got to 12th and A, the whole Sage crew was there


Peter got into a fight with his board

today was the first day in a while that i've skated with Jim. he's been playing football

head start

good morning

we were thinking gyro's but Subway's got this dinner deal:
two 6in sammaches, two bags o' chips, and two sodas for 8 bucks. jump on it

we ventured back to the TF to chill

i'm lazy so i thought we were done for the day but we eventually ended up skating Houston, then uptown

some double set Ray took us to

sw ollie
there were so many people there being stupid so we ended up not skating for a long time

after Chinese we ventured to a spot a lil less uptown

homeward bound