went to some bar/club called Trash the other night. if you're already fed up with the
bombardment of party photos on this website and were in the process of x'ing out this page,
stop now because somehow i actually got some skating in the day after
i didn't really take that many photos, i kinda just lurked back and forth following anyone with a camera, in hopes to join
in on the excitement
i kinda don't remember any of this. the place had the kind of atmosphere that i couldn't have fun in if i wasn't
completely drunk
i remember Matt finding this bike on the side of the road then we ended up in a tattoo parlor then all of a
sudden it was morning and i had to take off work to move out of my apt and onto the street
the next day i met up with some heads and skated Brooklyn a bit. i only took photos at this one spot though
Shawn was killin it
Errol - bs 180 (super duper ass shot)
i hate trying to shoot photos of goofy and regular skaters at the same time
he was tryin bs flip too. i wanna get my shit together and start bringing my equip with me when i skate so i can try
to get some legit shit going
duct taped on lenses are the best (i almost typed in "duck" taped)
if you'd like to think out loud
it might really help me out