no focusing, no deliberation, no setting exposures. no nothing really
Kevin's got some major oral bling going on but since it's not focused, you'll
just have to take my word for it
"bam boom bam boom!"
f/s board
don't shout
Andre a.k.a Mr. Hipster
why does everyone look surprised? because i'm just running back and fourth taking photos. i feel like i haven't gotten the
chance to skate in so long that i was just extra psyched to be outside. it's like that feeling you get your first day off of
punishment. most of these photos were taken within five seconds of each other
this photo kinda scares me because nobody has faces
airwalk footplant fun-ness ("ness" to keep up with the double syllable)
Kevin was trying f/s board and his board slipped out (did i mention it was raining?) and hit this guy's cab. he wasn't
too happy about it
rain on lens
notice the right side of the frame. that's a part of the next frame. they cut the negatives improperly so some
of the photos came out like this. they fixed them for free but i didn't notice this until now