Stefano picked me up to go skate

Derick, Peter, and Pat were there too

in the back with the flat bar

Stef took us to this covered school yard

bs tail

bs 50-50

fs salad

i'm skinny

after the flat bar sesh we ventured over to BK to get some eats

then it was off to the L.I.E


after the L.I.E and 3 waterlogged boards, i got a call from Tui about a party so i hitched a ride with Razny over to Long Ialand


Peter's nail came off

when we got there, we were greeted by some familiar faces

doesn't this kid look like Geoff Rowley

Dom looks pre-puke here

Seb was the DJ

"now i can keep my nipples warm"


we stayed in the room untill the sun came up

and left the room looking like this

five in the back, three in the front