off to PA

pit stop

we stopped at Pizza Hut to get some eats before the long haul

we got there real late so we turned in
first thing next morning we ventured over to Mark's house

Mark and Mike


Mark took us to this lil ledge

nollie tailslide

sw 180 5-0


what's wrong in this picture?

Mc Loogie

after some eats, we went to Franklyn Mills

X-games is closed for good :(

Matt's headbands

shortly after we got home, i got a call from Mark to go to this party
Reg ended up going elsewhere

Matt came with us

jam sesh


this was the best part of the party
it was okay, but i felt out of place

after the party, i got another call. this time  from Margaret
she took her dad's car but she couldn't drive (at all), so i did

i didn't drink


when we got back to her house, the only available spot was a handicapped one
so they tried to rip the sign out the ground

i play the Mc Donalds Monopoly game

Reg had work so it was just me and Mark
we ventured over to Tony's house

"oh, i've never seen this before"


after Tony's, Mark took me to this gap



turn the MAC on?

this guy was cool
he didn't speak any english, but he gave me some Corona

Happy Halloween

pick up
where i left off . . .