i still take photos. really shitty ones. i recently went to the grand opening of this new bar/lounge called HUGS. it's on north
6th btwn Wythe and Kent if i'm not mistaken
i broke my flash when i had that little hospital incident so i have to hold the camera weird when i try to put it on and shoot. it
doesn't stay in the hot shoe on it's own anymore
that was the end of that. then i went to this party for this guy
drink cigarettes and smoke 40's
Anton Glamb played
the next day i went to bike kill (which was so good) and took more crappy photos
i hadn't charged my camera in a while so it died as soon as i pulled it out. i had to keep taking the battery out and putting it
back in so i could take one more photo until all energy was drained
by the way, i was holding a piece of paper i found on the floor over my flash as a diffuser
don't take those pills your boyfriend gave you
you're too wonderful to die