i went to Brendon's house the other day. it was someone's birthday, but i forgot her name.
i got really drunk and decided to go get my camera since i only live a few blocks away
there were these random glasses laying around so i put them on a few peoples faces and took pictures
"i wear my sunglasses at night"
there were two Frydaddy's there and we were cookin up all sorts of stuff. i ate a few fried Reeses and a fried Oreo
happy birthday
i can only recall this slightly. i'm guessing somewhere between Brendon's house and mine, i passed out in the street. i woke
up in an ambulance and freaked out. i thought i was still in Philly. the cops were there shooting these photos. at first i
thought they were taking me to jail so i kept trying to run away so they strapped me to the bed and threw this mask over my
face. then i passed out again and woke up in the hospital the next day
don't do any good to say
this isn't what i planned