i went out to take photos the other night when all of a sudden the cops roll up and it's super hectic. we
try to run but i can't because i need to pack all my things and UNO falls off the roof. i stay there for
another hour and just lay down while there are all these cops, spotlights, and helicopters surrounding
the area. finally, i delete all the photos of graffiti and "hide" the ones i took that night and give myself up.
the cops cut a hole into the fence around the building to get in, post up a ladder, then come up and
arrest me. after all is said and done, i come to find that someone in the neighborhood called the cops
and said that they saw UNO and i going in and out of apt windows (of the
abandoned building) via the
fire escape (which there's no way to get to from the ground). i'm being charged with burglary that was on
Sunday night.
unfinished business