caught up with Katelyn the other day. we went to hang out at a friends house, but not before stopping in
back a church to finish our beers discretely. yea, we're goin' to heaven
the practice leg
i only knew a couple of these kids so the situation was kinda wierd.
this kid had OCD or something and kept moping the floor behind everyone
they did this thing where they would knock the top of your bottle with the bottom of theirs
and you pretty much had a choice to either let the foam overcome the entire beer and
overflow forever, or drink your entire beer on the spot
i woke up the next day and went straight to the Queens TF
Ja$onwear was at the park killin it on a scooter.
Derick is starting to remind me of Johnny Depp
we thought of this cool lil setup
super late timed tailslide
Pat came out of hiding. he tore his ACL a few months back and had to get more surgeries because of an infection
wasted many hours