met up with Pete at Dickworld. we skated a bit then headed toward union via the most crowded train in the world
Michelle was lurkin when we got there
"i'm cool"
"sometimes when i'm really cold i put my hands under here. . ."
". . . then i smell em' like this!"
there were these weird people running around with huge balloons tied to them
some lady let us take surveys and she gave us cool lighter/flashlights  
thanks lady
"ohhh. . . ahhhh"
Michelle was wearing my bum-steez coat
after marveling at those lighters i headed over to Fix
it was Danielle's B-day
it was "craft night" so we got drunk and made shit
happy birthday!
check the dude on the left catchin bgp's
i don't remember any of this so it didn't really happen
but i do remember getting off the train and passing out of the stairs and puking all over myself and Sheila, then i proceeded to
puke onto the track bed while a train was coming. good times. btw, thanks for taking care of me Sheila
it was subtle but i think that you
grasped the meaning intended