i had a negative cash flow for a while so i haven't been able to pay for the site or update
chilled in Chris & Joe's basement because i was so late to work my boss
told me to go back home
Geneane brought her friend along
"try and fit this in your mouth"
Geneane's a hair stylist
we went out to get some more drinks
on the way back, we brought in this couch but it
wouldn't fit through the door. we tried to force it
through and ended up putting a hole in the wall
which is always fun
after the smoke settled every got back to drinkin
gettin mad coverage tonight
nice tights
gettin artsy
i love that lamp, i'm gonna have to steal it one day
it reminds me of Cheers
i had to be in court the next day at 9 so i didn't wanna go to sleep
i ended up walking home at like 4AM. i recently found out about this thing
called Urban Exploration which i'm really interested in.
here's a good site with some excellent photos
i've never seen anyone inside the Aqueduct Racetrack so i was really
curious as to what it looked like inside. this is an unused portion of a train
station that connects to one of the track entrances
inside one of the ticket booths
i managed to find a way inside
when i look at the photos of urban explorers, i'm usually seeing photos
of an abandoned place of some sort. i guess me taking photos inside
this place is my first step to getting there
always wondered what it looks like in there
there were some people in there doing construction on one of the floors
i didn't see them, but i kept hearing sounds like footsteps and hammers
for the horses?
there was all kinds of shit in this place. i managed to slide under a door to get into that
Nikon binocular rental in the b/g but there wasn't anything inside
rule of thirds?
the sun started coming up
somehow i managed to get on top of this place
get ready for the mass amount of self portraits
by this time, there were a few people on the track walking their
horses. for some reason, they don't race at this track
i was inside this skybox type announcer booth type thing
i should have checked my myspace
are you tired of me yet
my battery was dieing but i wanted to get a good sunrise photo so i
stayed up there for a while. i wish i had film in my other camera