i headed out to Brooklyn again
some dude was filming my life story
i've gotta up my stache steez to Josh's level
we skated N7 again
check Peter's bling-bling
Dre and AL
my main man William
he gave birth to a skateboard
i got a slave unit from Santa O'Donnell so i went into Atiba mode
Keith is an animal
fakie half-cab crooks f/s shuv
i wish i could take sequences
bs nosegrind f/s shuv into the bank
mad nosegrinds
Ryan O'Clause - switch b/s nosegrind
Peter was eager to get in every photo
at least the sesh ended on a good note
as we were just getting ready to leave the cops come and give everybody (except
Andre and Billy) summonses. there were at least 20 people there
what could be better