some random photos from the past couple days
skated the skatepark for a bit the other day
Nolan was skating the double set
i poached a photo from Darnell's shoot
footy review
s.o.s (same ol' shit) at the apt. few heads over for drinks or whatevs
Derrick with his new hairdo
Beetle came by
Peter was tryin' to get buff for the ladies
i went with Dylan, Beetle, and Vic to the Mckibbin lofts to check out some party, but most
of them were lame so we just lurked the hallways
on the way home, there were these weirdos on the train, dyeing for some attention
Vic dropped his beer and cracked the neck of the bottle.
when i was taking this pic, these cops stopped to look at us and we're just like "nah, it's just soda"
in the fridge when we got back
then Beetle did the robot for like an hour
is that all that you believe in