i wasn't gonna post these photos but i saw these and they made me want to. i'm
always psyched to see what my friends are doing when i'm not around
just some random stuff from the past few days or so
i don't think i've ever gotten any photos of Andrew on here
i don't think i've ever seen Mario so happy
than when he had this Burrito in his hands
the other day this group of kids rolled up to this store and just started fighting with the owners of the store
and their relatives. i didn't really get good photos because i didn't want to get
too close
then the cops came in to regulate things
this is the only full day's worth of photos. i met up with everyone in Brooklyn.
when i rolled up everyone was just sprawled out on the floor trying not to pass out from the heat.
after a few min of sitting around, this bum dude walks up and starts talking to us. i'm assuming one
of them roughly knows this guy from somewhere in their lives but i later realize he's just some perv
trying to get off. Pat goes "damn man it's hot as hell out here" and the dude goes (while rubbing his
fat, hairy pot belly) "yea, but it's not really sticky out here".
so yea, that was weird.
as you can probably tell, i like the "skating to a spot" photos
chillin. well not really. it was probably one of the hottest days i can recall in a long time.
lots of sweat soaked shirts this day.
ices to keep cool
Derick was trying some gnar-ass trick (like usual) and some lady was lurking behind this
stone trying to get a closer look. i guess she thought she was incognito.
the batteries in my flash died, that's why these photos suck more than usual
kinda looks like Kevin's in the middle of a funny new dance
two is better than one