alright, so the day starts off and somehow i end up skateboarding. in the city!
Peter made-out with the ground at the Brooklyn Banks
Stefano's in from Flordia
crazy scooter dudes
mosquito bite remedy
some dude was brushing his teeth in the Burger King bathroom
quick glimpse of Yago
so we go to this party in Astoria
alrite, here's where it gets interesting. as it starts getting exciting the host starts
rounding kids up saying that the party's over and most people are already
probably thinking "eh, yea it is getting pretty late." so i'm walking away with a bunch
of people when i notice that i'm walking away with a bunch of guys and maybe 2
girls. then i look at the time. 12:30! something is definitely wrong here. especially
when the host's mother came up at one point and said have a good time. basically
they kicked out half of the kids and the other half had to have crept back in when
we walked away. i mean, we were lurking on the corner for a bit and nobody
passed us. maybe they walked in the other direction. who knows?
the nighttime here is a plastic box