how long ago was this?
i believe it started off at the banks but i didn't even know what day it was until someone told me so i got
here late and just ran towards LES skatepark
familiar faces on the way
i think Brian Chin and Steve Rodriguez organize this every year
A lot of people were there
people were getting pretty gnar on the double set
but kids were crowding the runway way too much and someone put their camera in the way as Nick was popping
for his trick and he got hurt bailing. good thing the entire front of the kids camera came off
i was rolling with the stickupkids, and we actually decided it would be best not to follow the crowd so we went to every spot
way after they left. we headed toward Tompkins and the softball dudes kicked out all the kids that were there (surprised
there wasn't a riot). then it started to rain and everybody parted ways.
i went to a show later on but i didn't shoot it because i've been having more fun just being there. my friend
lost her shoes and her feet got destroyed
are you hungry for a miracle