random party situations a few nights ago. this site is so backed up, i've still got like three posts to put up, and i hate
doing it because it seems nobody notices the links under the newest post, but i've gotta do it anyway
it was like a reggae party but we just went there because i heard there was free food.
we were actually running back and forth between the two that were going on that night
dudes were b-boyin
this is actually the same night as the post before
Alex did a flip but for some reason i took the photo extra early
back at the reggae party
Jackson was there too. he's actually been everywhere i've been for the past few weeks so i wasn't supprised
fancy meeting you here
then back to the reggae party for a sec
i don't recall anything after this point
actually, i do remember this, but i was fading in and out from here on
bag man pt. 2?
this used to be our song