today was my second full day of skating in a while so i was so psyched.
even though i was extra sore from the day before
i met up with Jim and Joseph. we planned on skating downtown
secret footy
we picked Shawn up at the train station
he was rambling on about some dumb shit and Jim was getting a headache
speaking of rambling, this dude on the train was telling his friend about
that new movie, Friday, that just came out. you know, the one with Ice
Cube and Chris Tucker
he pretty much gave away all the exciting details so no one else on the
train can go see it now
saw some familiar faces passing by the banks
caught a quick glimpse of lil Joey
stalefish? i don't know much about grab tricks
(click for full size)
bs flip
not landed. i wish he had a lighter shirt on
(click for full size)
when i went to get my camera out of my bag to take this photo, Joseph, who happened
to be holding my bag, leaned over to get a closer look so my ipod and phone fell into
the fountain
because of me being a lazy bastard and this being almost four days
ago, i'm able (and happy) to say both electronics are working fine.
Joseph went into major guilt mode and offered me his ipod but i turned
it down.
quick union sesh
i'm trying to put more effort into my photography
too bright or the most tweaked ollie you've ever seen. ever
i'm an ass. too many misfires and i pay to little attention to what i'm doing when
i'm taking photos sometimes. had the flash gone off, i think this photo would
have been the one
late and too centered. soon i'll have enough money to get a new camera and i'll start working on
an actual setup
you don't do those things you used to anymore