finally some bro photos. we were at Tompkins before this but i was in skate mode so i didn't take any
photos. btw, Peter's camera is brok
ed, that's why he's not lugging that big ass bag around
Bradley was down for the sesh
so was Kevin
skating carelessly through the streets of the city while taking photos is pretty dangerous, but we
laugh in the face of danger
we met up with Ben Goof and the gang at Houston
Peter doesn't know what to do with himself now that he doesn't have his camera, so he
just lurks around doing random poses as the camera comes his way
boardslide to fakie
oh yea, did i mention the Gonz crashed through our sesh?
even through Dan was trying a smith which he didn't land, i like this photo
because of all the things that are going on. like everyone is trying to hold
the gate up and the way Ben is filming all nonchalant
this is one of the better smith's he locked into but i took the photo at a weird
angle, plus i had the light set up to take a photo of Kevin
bs 5050
there were quite a few heads in our crew
there were a few lurkers too
Leo has a pimple
after the antics died down we skated this bump to can
no photos here either. i think it's because i don't like to take any skate
photos without having my crap setup, and i don't like to have to setup
my crap so i wind up not taking photos.
but i do have photos from Idiot Fest 2006
these dudes were doing all this weird shit for hours, but it's not like we had anyplace to go
so i guess it was okay
more skating
we ventured over to BK for some eats. we probably won't be allowed back in there after today
and you were laughing all along