i met up with Jim and we went to the new TF
a train went by and all this water dropped onto the pyramid. i thought this was gonna happen every time
but it only happened once and since it was blazing outside it dried real quick
fs 5-0
i didn't think a lot of people knew about this but people just kept showing up in packs
no mouth?
oh shytt, Lil Joey wit da f/s board!!!
btw, the reason all these photos are super grainy is because i usually shoot in low light
conditions so i have the iso real high and i forgot to bring it back down
Ben Goof thinks he's a male model
whatever happened to flipmodeskate.com?
madddd whiteee!
b/s bluntslide
switch f/s feeble
crooked grind
we skated the park for pretty much the entire day, but it's a really fun park
b/s boardslide (click for full size)
blunt to fakie (click for full size)
rock to fakie (click for full size)
pole-jam (click for full size)
train antics
back like cooked crack!