i met up with Peter and Ingmare to go to this party in the city. we had to drink
on the train because you weren't allowed to bring drinks inside
as soon as we stepped off the train a cop nabbed peter
and gave him a summons for an open container of alcohol.
somehow Ingmare and I slipped away. for once i
didn't get a ticket!
we finally made it to the party. they were frisking people at the door
we only stayed for a bit because we wanted to check this party out
in Whitestone. i guess you could say we were on a mission.
anyway, we get out the door and these two kids are ultra wasted,
sprawled out on the floor
this is probably the worst condition i've ever seen someone in from drinking too much
oh well! so we headed to Whitestone
we were greeted by this at the front gate
there were a few familiar faces
party animal? yea that was pretty lame but i had to do it
all three of these people went into that bathroom together
Ingmare tried to give this chick a wedgie
wtf? this girl looks like she could be my friend Iven's twin sister. i don't really feel like digging out a
photo for reference. if you've seen him i think you'll be able to see the resemblance
i don't know where those burgers came from, but
they were the high point of my evening
somehow we made it back to Forest Hills from Who The Hell Knows Where, Queens
oh, and before i go here's a lil advice: if you're taking a bus thats last stop is somewhere in an
airport, it would probably be a good idea not to fall asleep during the ride
nobody knows you
and nobody gives a damn