i recently bought a new lens and a tripod so i'm back to taking skate photos on those rare occasions i'm actually skating
"i'm a grown ass man"
Captian Morgan status
"i don't even gotta unzip my pants to piss"
everyone thought Yago had a hawk because the sides of his hair were flat and the
top was spiked up a bit
gap to crooked
bs flippidy
so long, try not to wonder
black Dave showed up
Leo and Taji were drunk
Jew Joke of the Day
i met up with everyone in my favorite place
it seems like Shawn skates with the flipmode guys a lot now
art by Josh. he probably just traced around the edge of his 9mm and then just drew in the detail from it
look at the sweat on Pat's hat
BK sesh!
i'm surprised we're even allowed in this place after all the trouble we've caused over the years. actually, i'm
surprised we're allowed in
any fast food restaurant
Yago, Leo, Taji, and Alex showed up
after the eats, the sesh moved out front for what seemed like forever
after the faux drunkenness, we ventured over to that gnar-ass three stair
this lady and her boyfriend were the only tenants in this building that didn't want us to skate. they called the cops on us and said
that a bunch of skateboarders were fighting with people. before the cops came, the security guard came out and moved the
table and the woman in the b/g was like "how come you're not letting these guys skate?"
after the three-stair sesh, half the crew parted and the other half ventured out for the second helping of fast food
i think this is the photo that Leo really wants you to see:
suspicious package on the way to Union
somehow Dave managed to trick us into going with him to Union, as soon as we got there he was like "alrite
guys i'll catch you later"