the day has finally come! although a bit delayed, the flipmode video is finally done. (don't
ask me for copies, there are none). it premiered at Supreme skate shop
there were a few kids there when i showed up
haven't seen this guy in ages
Peter takes photos
Joey's short
Peter was so nervous. he kept saying "i hope i didn't pick up some weird porn
dvd instead of the video"
a ton of kids started showing up
Jim was a bit dirty
Leo was quite psyched
a lot of people actually showed up, a bit more than i had expected
overall people seemed psyched. i didn't like my part too much, i felt like i could
have done better. after the vid these business-types approached Peter, he said
they told him they knew all these pros and what not. i think they were interested
in his video editing skillz. the vid was really put together well though, congrats
whatever happened to