went to Darnell's house the other day to kinda help out with one of his photo shoots
i was supposed to hang out that night and get some underground photos but someone stole my tripod
from my job, so i just chilled here with Smiley Ray. this place has the best philly cheese steaks.
the next night i skated with those Jersey boys Khalyil and "nine-toe" Joe.
"who the hell needs wax when you got IRISH SPRING?!!"
skated this spot until the sun came up
we stopped at this bodega for refueling. beef patties for breakfast
it was like 7 am and we were still skating, i guess you could say we were on a mission
we found this VCR that had Lord of the Rings in it. i ended up carrying it around all
day only for it to not work when we finally got it to the appartment
more breakfast
as the sun rose it got way to hot and way to hard to skate, especially when running on zero sleep so
we decided to head back home
break the cycle