that was like last Tuesday or something

we skated here for quite a bit. afterwords, we
ventured over to BK for some eats
Peter's trying that new "get cancer quick" thing
i was pretty much rushing around trying to get a line before i had to leave
for work. btw, thanks for that deck Ryan
your parents will all receive a phone call
i've been working alot lately. haven't had much time to do much really.
Peter taged along with me to deliver a tape to Rodney a few days ago
Geo was there too
i ran out to get a bit of skating in before work
i took some photos with my film cam. i hope this photo didn't come out too
early on film like it did here
bs blunt
i haven't seen Peter in a while. he was supprised to see me
kickflip to fakie
i wish i could have taken this a fraction of a sec later.
360 flip
talking about something funny
cig repair
Kevin's got some beautiful nails
after BK we ventured to the city to skate MLK
instructing them to love you less now