check Stefano' s ghetto camera bag
Adonis and his lady-friend in the b/g
"xavier, we're not 'niggas', i'm Asian and he's Polish!"
f/s 360
360 flip
f/s flip
it feels like home
Stefano called me to hang with him and Derek at Victory Field
i've been taking more film photos than digital but i'll make sure to
take both equally from now on
open your eyes guys
after Victory, we headed to the bandshell
Luis and his filmer friend
Stefano knows magic. notice how his phone is levitating
after i left, i somehow managed to leave behind  my most prized possession
when i got on the bus i realized i didn't have my coat but i just figured i would get it
later. when i got home, i then realized my camera was
in my coat. Stefano went
back and picked it up for me. thank you so much man, i owe you one
saw this on the way home. i like the blueness
wish this was my house