i met up with everyone at Tompkins today
Switch Mike
caught a quick glimpse of lil' Joey
Rikers Island? as in the prison? let's hope so!
i am a visitor here
i am not permanent
i've never seen so many people skating flatground (aside from the es
game of SKATE)
the sad part is that alot of these guys have probably gone out of their
way to skate here
it's okay, i live in Queens
50, Peter, and Kevin were waiting for me when i got there
check Kevin's cool belt
call him
we went to about 3 or 4 spots before we got to one we actually skated
we settled down at this long ledge spot for a few hours trying to
get lines and such
after minimal skating and maximum antics, we ventured over to BK
"when i jerk off, i wipe-up with my brothers socks"
gold kicks are in
i don't know where these guys went after this, i had to run off to work