i was skating for a while before i realized i
needed site material
"yo nigga, get on that!"
"yo, do  a 900 yo!"
pivot to fakie
blunt to fakie
angle 2
bright lights, big city
does this mean i need new trucks?
lots of waiting
when i got to the spot, everyone was already tare-in' it up
Peter (seen here proforming self surgery) was trying f/s board but he got wrecked.
he had to lay his ipod to rest this evening
for the next 10 minutes the people in the shop across the street and
everybody who drove by, somehow thought that Peter needed
hospitalization. this guy was a former skateboarder
"yo, that nigga ain't nice! he a poseur"
"you can't see me. i'm yellow, i blend in"
i knew where he was going
after that ledge/manny pad, it was off to spot number 2
because i'm usually slave-in it up at Pathmark, i only get to skate an
average of 1.5 spots a night. the 0.5 being the spot where i mostly take
shitty photos. oh, and no one really skates on weekdays
bgp's go to Peter
Peter getting major b/gcoverage tonight