i got stuck in the house for a few days and i cought myself
watching soap operas
i met up with Ryan, Joe, and Ben at N7
thanks for the flash and tripod Ryan
camera check-up
we skated untill it got dark
there were some artsy kids there "taggin shit up"
i don't really know what's going on here but it looks as if
that one kid is proceeding to whup his penis out but i
was quick enough to avoid the disaster.
this kid had really good artwork but my photos don't really do it any justice
he had a digi cam too
Scotty passed by on his way to KCDC
we skated this ledge for a while untill i had to run off to
work. broken kingpin and ripped jenas
i had to walk around work like this
i wasn't listening anyway
"Danny Rulez You!"
it looks like it says "Nanny Rulez You!"
he said his friends call him grease or slime or something like that
because his hair was really greasy
we met up with Jim at the pizzeria
"Jim, make your gangsta face"
Billy Rohan's new hardware company
Family Guy on PSP