a couple of people asked me to update, but haven't been doing anything lately, nor have i been taking
photos. these are a few from like a week or so ago
"chew" faces are always awesome
and then there was Karol (pronounced k-roll), she was from Holland
her too
Peter told in interesting story, Pat didn't care
then we all went to skate
then there was this building
more skating
"i don't got ta walk on tha sidewalk!"
then we got kicked out
then Darnell and Rob got real tall
wild in the streets
familiar faces downtown
Robbie Sunshine has a possie
then we got kicked out some more
time for the evening bro sesh to begin
more bros showed up, yay
then Shawn dug a hole
then i got home and Marge and Kady were chillin
then i caught April drinkin my Orange soda!
then it was off to Jersey
and we ate Mickey D's
yay Mickey D's
oh yea, there were some cat's too