the other night, after work, i saw Erik skating in the parking lot so i took
him to District because i knew Jim and Tohmi were there
f/s 50-50
not good
he was warming up with a 5-0 but his foot sliped when he
landed on the floor and he hurt his ankle pretty bad
the next night, i got a call from Jim to tag along for another late night
sesh (which by the way i'm done with until summer)
Kevin was car sick
"damn good!"
it was Yago's van we got taxied in
we skated this college for a while then bounced when the sun started rising
ninja status
it looks like this...
...and it's on the corner of these streets
avoid at all costs
you might be right
i actually didn't believe he got car sickness until this happened
when the sun was in full effect we ventured over to this Mc Donalds (which
by the way you should never go to because we were stuck in the drive-thru
for 40 min and Jim nearly paid $8 for one hash brown)