i picked up some photos from Pat and
dragged him along for the sesh
it took us like an hour to get to the city so by the time we got there
everyone was already loungin in BK
Peter and Pedro are made a rap group called "White Chocolate and the Amazin'
here's their first music video which i'm taking down in a day or two
Pat Murray is their agent
on the phone closein deals and shit
after BK, we ventured to that bench to bench manny spot for a few
Peter's gonna be in the next And 1 Mixtape
we met up with Jim and Kevin at Columbia
we did alot of running back and forth today, and i didn't take alot
of photos so there's alot of gaps in between spots.
eating Mc Donalds in BK. Kevin's a rebel
train antics
keeping dry
borrowing electricity
everyday is a winding road
spot mod
we ended up stopping at this gap on the way to the last spot of the night