i finally got the chance to skate with everyone again.
hadn't seen these guys in a bit
Pat must be some sort of animal because his
eyes are glowing in every photo he's in
lil Joey's got a deep voice
Kevin was trying nollie big heel
wait... is that Pat?
no, it's just a doggy
Kevin's gay and emo
Pat and Kevin trades shoes
"mad toe room, nigga"
did i mention that Pat wears a size 11 and
Kevin wears like a size 7?
i was supposed to be leaving at this point to pick up photos and get to work,
but Kevin convinced me to retake that
pole-jam photo
i'm pretty sure every photo on my next roll is
gonna be garbage
at work i got a call from Peter so i ventured back to the
city when i got done workin. on the way there, these two
kids were fighting. a story goes with this but you can ask
someone else about it
Yago, in from jersey, here for some bgp's
covert bush battery charge mission
random local
she kinda has a monkey face, anyone agree?
this gal new shit about Chapman and she hurt my hand when she shook it
i guess this was the best we could do at 4AM. actually, this is the best we could do.
after the sesh, we ventured to Taji's
Leo couldn't stay awake
i don't know
we all crashed at Taji's
breakfast at the TF
"oven mitts to cook dat coke"
check Jay's new do
we were gonna go skate but this happened so everyone parted ways
at work, i had to gather up all the stray shopping carts from
all through the parking lot
i'd like to see you often though i don't
need to see you often
"did i look like i was sad?"
we skated at CIA for a while, trying to get some lines
all the sockets were filled and the plugs were glued in.
wtf?!? a new form of skate stopping a spot?