one day this dude was passed out in his food at Mc Donalds so i ran out to buy a one-time use camera but when i came back he
was in a different not so funny position so i didn't even shoot the photo. this is the crap that i shot
Pat passed out on my couch but he was drooling everywhere so Nayomi shoved a paper towel under his face
went to some random lame party to pregame for a Silent Barn sesh, but the Silent Barn thing turned out to be lame so we  just stayed
and fucked shit up while the people all sat on the other side of the room horrified at our behavior
i was pretty psyched on these photos so i bought another cam and used it at a Team Robosphere show but i didn't get nearly the same
results. it was a defective camera and i had to keep my finger on the flash button for it to go off when i shot so i had to hold it weirdly
when i was shooting. excuses excuses
ease your feet off in the sea