i met up with Jim and Rob on Hillside
waist-high noseslides while we wait
Marvin showed up
with alot of wax
"damn it's cold out here! X, you should have brought a hoody"
it was quite cold indeed
after a quick chat, we ventured off to the next spot
bomb hills and shit
i was more concerned with taking film photos, which now that i
think about it, probably didn't come out good
China-man food
Jim's hoody is looking rather snug
we skated this spot for a sec
until we got kicked out by the man
winter's late
i can wait
i almost got hit by a car in the process of taking a photo
this is what i captured
then it was off to Rob's for a sec
Jim wanted to check out a snowboard
then we went back to where we came from
sw crooks