extra late night downtown sesh after work
3am bumper to bumper traffic
"bring on the fuego!"
i picked up everyone from Battery Park
Leo and Taji
we uprooted some plants to throw into a crack in
the ground. Jim tried to stomp it flat to put a sign
over it, but the dirt pretty much made it 10 times
on the way home, we stopped at this building. Jim
had his battery charging in the bushes
instead of walking around this mass of trash bags, Jim
decided it would be a good idea to climb over this BMW.
his foot almost went through the sunroof. check his face.
good timing on my part i guess
when it was time for some eats, we ventured over to this 24 hour Mc
Donalds, but somehow it was closed.

"ya'll gotta have some left over burgers in the back"
Taji couldn't believe it
Jim's best gangsta impression
after i droped those guys off, Jim and i went to a 7-11 in queens
the best combination
someday soon she'll come outside and play
everyone was just being nosey
"next time we comer here, imma do a b/s stromboli flip"
"and you guys are stealin' the buildings electricity too?!?"
we got kicked out by this guard that couldn't believe we had lights and things at
the spot. his reaction was probably the best part of the night