these are just some photos that i took over the past few days that i liked
i was sitting out in front of a store when this dude comes up to me and hands me this sandwich because he thought i
was a bum. chicken-parm, it was so good. i just noticed the guy  in the bg on the left is so psyched
went out to skate a bit, but i was mostly trying to get stuff done so i'm lacking in photos
went to some party out in williamsburgh
there were some instruments in the basement so we started jammin' and what not
it was something like an open mic sesh
i couldn't remember this girls name, i had to ask her like 30 times. it was like:
"what's your name again? wait, wait, wait don't tell me . . . starts with an 'S'. . ."
"Heather "
"i knew it!"
playing this thing was probably the most fun i've had in a while
let me go home