sorry for the long pause in updates, but my flash has been broken and it's either been shitty out or just plain cold as hell so
i haven't been shooting. not that it really matters because according to Billy Rohan, "nobody goes to this website anyway".
went out the other day to shoot some photos for Derick. i'm so rusty on my board, i'm waiting for summer to make a comeback
this was a while back, but i think the day after i had to do a shoot with Matt and Gary that might get in Focus.
they have a mini-ramp in their living room. pretty sick
5-0 beer chug
then we got drunk and proceeded to break shit
i broke some stuff too. real manly stuff
Yago came through to break some stuff too
brotherly love
the result of "drunk"
the next day we went to see Anton Glamb play at Wreck Room
girls gone wild
see those black spots in this photo? that's not on your computer. at first i thought it was because i droped my camera
directly onto the lens, then yago dropped it AND THEN Nadine dropped it, but it's just dirt or something because all the
photos aren't like that
get down