i was supposed to go to some sort of party after work yesterday but
my invite got sick so plans quickly ended
Tui does that Russian leg-kick dance
two hands equals no spills and sure intoxication
"you got pet's? me too, mines are dead. . ."
the beast proceeded to feed upon Seb's pointer
beautiful evening
there's more of them like us
plan b: chill sesh at Danny's
in the meantime, i waited for him to pick me up at Mc Donalds. btw, this
is that new Mc Bud they've been advertising

kickin' back a brew with a bum.
he asked me to buy him coffee but i was broke
so i offered him a bud and he was extra psyched

it was just me and Danny at first
everyone else (Rasa, Tui, Seb, and Domenic) had gone out to get mo' drinks
it was a pretty chill night. mostly filled with philosophication and
random talk of skateboarding
Rasa and Tui
yea, and there was this
probably one of the weirdest situations all night
after the random porn, Seb and I ventured to 7-11 for some eats. extra late
i've been checkin this site lately and one of the best things, besides the
photos, are the captions on them.  
i'm too lame to come up with funny shit like that though.
my greatest attempt would probably be: "nigga, you givin' me one of them
burgers rite? "
health food
"damn girl, you be snorin!"
he actually said something to that effect so keep the hate mail to yourself
thanks for the ride, mang