tryin to get back into it. i don't have the internet so it kinda makes it hard to throw photos up
i'm currently sitting in the apple store

we skate

Billy's good

these photos are from like back in october

i don't remember who it was but they convinced me to let this dude lurk with us
all day while we skated around and then when we came back to the crib to drink
i never saw the footy or ever heard from him again. lame

Shawn's cool

Pedro came through

we lurked over to some party. i remember it being really lame and i got kicked out for shooting photos. kannon

Slim and Mark

Slim's idol is Martha Stewart

P dot

Anthony. i was experimenting with a flash in a bag

Suga Slim on that model tip

we skate some more


Derick's good

a different sesh


Joseph is good too



sesh before the storm


"make sure you get tha american flag yo!"


nothing is wicked
everything's fun