random find

crowded situations at Lormer


bodega cat

went to a party in some hotel with with the homeys. Rockaton was djin

familiar faces

there was a hot tub on the roof

this was one of those situations where the cheapest drink is $10
so i spent alot of time in the corner with a loko and/or running back n fourth taking photos & hunting for brew

phone home

there was a pool too

not psyched


Nick Kannon ready to duff nigs

Rush and bizarro Sterling



more neckin'

random driverless cabs on delancy

five in the back seat

see yoo en tee
i googled eff yoo see kay and this came up

Garth Brooks

get active

saw this all in one communications center just chillin in the street!



roached out

when's it my turn
to get a win